Cylindrical Lapping

3 machines are used for cylindrical lapping: The CLM 150-2, CLM 500 and the FLM 500-R.

FLM 500-R

On the FLM 500-R the work pieces get lapped with the 2-wheel principle. This is ideal for middle series production of parts Ø 0.7-30 and a length of 2-200mm.

It is possible to convert the machine to a FLM 500 flat lapping machine in a short amount of time.

CLM 150-2

The CLM 150-2 has 2 pairs of lapping rollers with individual speed control. We can manufacture parts of Ø 6-150mm and a length up to 150mm on this machine.

We often use different diamond suspension on the roller pairs. The result is a roughing and a finishing pair of rollers. According to the requirement of the work piece, one or both roller pairs can be used.

CLM 500 / CLM 500-A

The CLM 500 is for bigger work pieces of Ø6-150mm and a length up to 500mm. In the most cases single parts or small groups of parts get produced by hand.

For large groups of parts, we equip the machine with an automatic pressure device and a programmable sprayer. As a result, the machine only has to be loaded and unloaded.

We also build a lot of special machines and customer specific designs to work with a variety of dimensions.

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Cylindrical Lapping and Polishing Machines