About us

Stähli Lapping Technology Ltd.

Stähli Lapping Technology Ltd. is a family company and
Swiss machine manufacturer specialising in lapping and
honing technology. Our core competencies include
mechanical engineering, customised processing and
trading consumable materials developed by our company.

The Stähli-Group is headquartered in Pieterlen/Biel, Switzerland,
and has about 50 employees.
This is where the Stähli machines are developed and built.
Both flat and round workpieces can be honed, lapped
and polished with Stähli machines.


The Testing Department is responsible for new and continued
development of machines, processes and operating equipment.
The resulting know-how is extensive and assists in determining
the ideal processes to use. Our customised processing profits
from this knowledge and gives our customers the opportunity
to have small batches and project work processed.

We work with all types of materials such as steel, aluminium,
brass, ceramics, hard metals, plastic and much more.


In addition to the headquarters in Pieterlen, the Stähli-Group
also has branches in Germany, the US, China and
Eastern Switzerland.
These locations offer customised projects, process
development and training.
The two largest plants, in the US and Germany, are also the
representatives for those country and sell machines and
consumable materials directly on-site. The Stähli-Group
employs more than 100 people internationally for its customers.

Various external distributors enable us to be close to our
customers in all relevant markets worldwide.

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