2-Wheels Flat Honing and Fine Grinding

The impressive DLM series, developed using the competence of the Stähli Group, is capable of flat honing with diamond / CBN wheels or alternatively precision grinding with conventional SiC or
CORUNDUM working wheels.

Large production quantities with high stock removal demand high performance, precision, and productivity. The DLM machine series meets this requirement and is focused on user-friendliness and safety.

DLM 705 with loading and unloading tables                                  DLM 1205 with loading and unloading tables


More detailed information can be found in our brochure "2-Wheel Flat Honing and Fine Grinding" and "DLM 805 Flat Honing Machine" and you can also watch videos using the YouTube channel

Brochure 2-side Flat Honing and Fine Grinding
Brochure DLM 805 Flat Honing Machine


The machine can be equipped with CBN- or Diamond Wheels with diameter Ø 534, depending on the part size and the annual quantities to be machined. As additional version the machine can be adapted and used as a 2-side lapping machine with Cast iron plates - in combination with Lapping liquid. The chassis - based on a portal construction – is solid, compact and ergonomic. The solid construction combined with In-Process measuring guarantees an efficient high precision machining, with high stock removal and fine surface quality.



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